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    About Choline Choline is a chemical that has many similar features to the B group
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  • Bench Press Tips Part 2

    Bench Press Tips Part 2

    Don’t Under-eat! If you want a strong body then you will need to stop undereating and obsessing over the appearnce of your abs. Pile some good carbs and protein onto your plate. Your body needs the carbs to convert into energy and the protein will help your muscles to grow and become stronger. Don’t forget [...]

  • Bench Press Tips

    Bench Press Tips

    Bench pressing can be a frustrating exercise for many people. There are very few lifters who are able to naturally press a large amount of weight. Most of us struggle to hit up to 225 lbs for reps. Can you do anything to help improve your bench press number? Yes you can. Here are a [...]

  • How to Get 6 Pack Abs Part 2

    How to Get 6 Pack Abs Part 2

    What you should do to help get your abs in the perfect shape is engage. Engage your core muscles in every possible exercise you can. You can squeeze your cores tight while you are jogging, while squatting, doing jumping jacks, push ups, lifting weights, ALL types of workouts. And the best part is you’re helping [...]

  • How to Get 6 Pack Abs

    How to Get 6 Pack Abs

    The abs are almost always the major spot where most people want to see the most change when they work out. This is due to the fact that the abs are where we all carry our extra weight, bloat and softness. This is why when the majority of people work out, the first thing they [...]

  • Weight Training Techniques Part 3

    Weight Training Techniques Part 3

    In conclusion, the group of articles has gone over the benefits of volume increased weight training and why it is highly recommended for new and old lifters alike. Here is a basic rundown of what we have covered. Start off your weight training by taking sessions three times a week. You will have one heavy [...]

  • Weight Training Techniques Part 2

    Weight Training Techniques Part 2

    Below is an example of a typical increased volume weight training weekly workout schedule. If followed correctly, this highly effective method will help you gradually be able to lift more weights than ever before. During your first week, you should start out by training for three days. You should have a light workout day, a [...]

  • Weight Training Techniques

    Weight Training Techniques

    Increasing your weekly training volume allows you to push yourself to your limits, little by little. Before you realize it, you will be lifting heavier weights, running faster, and pushing yourself farther than you ever have before. This technique is great for weight training newcomers and experts alike. This article will help you learn more [...]

  • Personal Trainer Guide

    Personal Trainer Guide

    You have finally decided to make a positive change in your life and begin a workout routine. So you’ve taken the very first step and hired a personal trainer to help guide you through your weight loss process. You may think you have things figured out on how the first day is going to go, [...]

  • Working Out and Nutrition Part 2

    Working Out and Nutrition Part 2

    Make New Friends Who Share the Same Healthy Interests Its great to find new friends who are working towards their own weight loss or body building goals. You can encourage each other to keep going by making plans to cook healthy meals with each other or sharing new workout techniques. Rewarding yourself with a cheating [...]

  • Working Out and Nutrition

    Working Out and Nutrition

    One of the most important things for anyone to learn when they begin their weight loss battle is to stop obsessing over the number on the scale. Instead look at the bigger picture. Think about all the new things you will be able to take part in and enjoy once you get down to a [...]