Eating To Build Muscle Mass: 5 Tips

Eating the right foods is a fundamental step towards physical fitness and building muscle mass. One of the first things any person needs to do in order to build muscle, cut fat and become stronger is learning to eat the right foods and in the right quantities. Many professionals will say that exercise starts with your diet and since we are believe this to be true ourselves here are 5 top tips on what to eat.

Chicken: Chicken is great for protein whilst also being low in fat and carbohydrates which only further contribute to your dietary needs. Although many fitness instructors will point you towards chicken don’t forget that eating a range of foods is beneficial for your digestive system and although, chicken is easy to cook (dice and fry) it does not make it a super food in itself.

Tuna: Tuna is a personal favorite; simply because it comes in a can which is ideal for eating on the go and it also comes freshly caught, ideal for dinners at home. Tuna has literally been hailed as one of the best foods to eat on a regular basis. Its protein count obviously varies depending on the form (canned or fresh) and size you buy, however, a quick check of the label will show you just how wonderful the tuna fish is. As a quick tip with tinned tuna, try it with a bit of salt and make sure you drain it well, the salt will help prevent you from water intoxication as well as increase the flavor.

Broccoli: Most of us hated broccoli since we were children, however, if you’ve decided to start packing on the muscle its time you start to eat it. Broccoli makes the top 5 list since it has Indoles, this works against estrogen, the “female hormone” and allows fat to be lost more quickly. It also contains fiber and cancer fighting cells.

Turkey Breast: One of the best meats you will find, despite its expensive nature (especially around thanksgiving) turkey is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and shockingly subtle in its fat content. In fact many top body builders swear by it making turkey breast a must have in your dietary rotor.

Buckwheat noodles: Okay, many of you may not have heard of buckwheat noodles, but once you ask in your store and see the content label you’ll be hooked. By being an extremely slow form of carbohydrate you can ensure that you will have a balanced amount of energy throughout the day. Furthermore, the slow digestion means that less fat storing enzymes and hormones are released, meaning that they beat rice and bread every time.

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